Linked dipole 20-10 or 6m if you want

I love the SOTAmaps linked dipole calculator as a starting point for my designs, their measurements are close enough in the ballpark to just use as is, but sometimes the wire used are more or less ideal, so a bit of tuning might be required for the hair splitting OCD people among us.

My links are lasercut 3mm acrylic, the feed point in the picture is 3d printed but i also have lasercut versions of them.

De straining the connections I have tested both using a knot and shrinktube with glue, I also tried adding some ekstra hotmelt glue to reinforce but I dont think that is needed.

This antenna works flawlessly on 20m 17m 15m 12m and 10m and is my prefered go-to antenna for most operations


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